Christmas calendar 2022 - "Christmas at The Royal House"

December and Christmas are just around the corner, and, tomorrow, it’s 1 December.

Thus, it is Christmas calendar time again, and on The Royal House of Denmark’s digital platforms, until Christmas Eve, a door of the Christmas calendar “Christmas behind the palace’s windows” will be opened daily.

Because what happens behind the windows of The Royal House of Denmark during the Christmas month? Who takes care of finding the Christmas decorations, which recipes are in play in the kitchen, and how do The Royal Family members and the Court’s employees get into the right Christmas spirit? There are answers to those questions and much more from tomorrow until 24 December.

It will be the seventh time that The Royal House of Denmark presents a digital Christmas calendar. For four years, it has been The Queen’s homemade cardboard elf family that has traveled around the royal palaces, throughout the Realm and through the lineage of monarchs. And, before that, it was The Queen’s Christmas decorations and photo archive that played the main role in the Christmas calendar. But, this Christmas, it is the entire Royal House of Denmark – from The Royal Family and the Court’s employees to the four-legged friends – that will provide a brief, good Christmas story for the many December mornings until Christmas Eve.  

You can follow the digital Christmas calendar each day on the Royal House of Denmark’s social media platforms and via a theme page here on The Royal House of Denmark’s new website. The Christmas calendar’s first door is opened tomorrow, 1 December, at 07:00.