Media Centre

On this page, all who editorially deal with The Royal House of Denmark as a subject area can access news releases and photos for media use.

Press phone and media inquiries

Tel.: +45 33 40 39 00

The press phone is answered daily by the Communications Department during normal office hours, 9.00-16.30.
Outside of this time period, urgent matters are referred to the main number (Hoftelefonen). It is not possible to leave recorded messages with or send text messages to the press phone.

Requests for interviews and general inquiries must always be sent via e-mail:
For questions of a different nature, please refer them to the main number (Hoftelenen): +45 33 40 10 10.

The press phone only receives press and media inquiries. 

The Royal House of Denmark’s Communications Department

The Royal House of Denmark’s Communications Department handles communication about the Royal House’s activities, which involves everything from managing daily media inquiries to advising the Royal Family and taking care of the daily editorial work on the Royal House’s digital platforms.

Press photos

In connection with editorial coverage, photos for editorial use can be downloaded from this page. The use rights must always be complied with. In the tabs below, you can find press photos, official portrait photos, logos and birthday portraits as well as information about the Royal House of Denmark’s management.

Media information