Photographing and video recordings

Below, information is provided about use of photos and video recordings from the royal palaces, photographing at Amalienborg Palace Square and drone photography as well as guidelines for use of material in connections other than editorial ones.

The Royal House has not bought the rights to photos of the state-owned royal palaces and gardens and refers to the Agency for Culture and Palaces, which manages the state palaces, cultural properties and gardens. The Agency for Culture and Palaces makes available a range of official media photos, which may be used freely. See photos and guidelines for download on the agency’s website.

The royal family only allows itself to be photographed in connection with interviews or news coverage, and, therefore, all photographing inquiries not related to an interview request are turned down. Read more about media projects with members of the royal family.

Photographing at the royal residence palaces
Photographing at the royal palaces and in the gardens of the palaces always requires permission unless the photographing takes place from public roadways or areas. As a starting point, permission is not granted for photographing at the residence palaces (Amalienborg, Fredensborg Palace, Marselisborg Palace, Graasten Palace, Château de Cayx and the Royal Yacht Dannebrog) and in the private areas of the palace gardens (for example, the Reserved Garden at Fredensborg Palace) and the private property Jagthuset in Trend Forest. 

Permission is not granted for advertising or marketing photography, modeling photo shoots, wedding pictures, and film and series shooting in which the scene’s content did not originally take place at the palace.

If there is a desire for photographing at the royal residence palaces and the private sections of the palace gardens as well as the Royal Stables at Christianborg Palace, the request should be directed to stating the desire, the proposed date and the context in which the images will be used.

Photographing at the other national palaces
If photographing is desired at the other state palaces (Christiansborg Palace, Rosenborg Palace, Frederiksborg Palace, Sorgenfri Palace and the Hermitage Palace), a request must be submitted to the institutions that use the palaces.

A request must be directed to the Agency for Culture and Palaces to get permission for video and photo shooting in the palace gardens. Read more at the Agency for Culture and Palaces.


Royal palaces and residences

A number of the palaces and gardens, which are owned by the state, are made available for the Royal House of Denmark through the Civil List Act. It is the Agency for Culture and Palaces that is responsible for maintenance of the state palaces and the operation of the state gardens. The Civil List Act covers the following palaces and palace areas:

In addition, the Royal House of Denmark resides at Marselisborg Palace, on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, at Château de Cayx in France and at Jagthuset in Trend Forest.

Fredensborg Palace. Photo: Bjarke Ørsted, Ritzau Scanpix ©
The Royal Couple rode in the barouche to Christiansborg Palace in connection with HM The King's 50th birthday. Photo: Martin Sylvest, Ritzau Scanpix ©

Further information

As a starting point, permission is not required to photograph or film on Amalienborg Palace Square, unless there is a staked-out position and a tripod or telephoto lens is used. For permission to record images on the palace square, submit a request to the Copenhagen Police, License and Permission Office. 

Drone flights are not allowed inside a 150-meter security zone around the royal residences without written permission from the Royal House. If there is a desire for a drone flight with TV equipment, the request should be directed to stating the desire, a proposed date and the context in which the recordings will be used. Along with permission from the Royal House, permission from relevant authorities must also be applied for.

Drone flights near the Royal Yacht Dannebrog
The Royal House recommends that drones should not be flown around the Royal Yacht Dannebrog within a 150-meter security zone. This applies to when the Royal Yacht Dannebrog sails in open water, when it is sailing into port and when it is moored alongside the quay.  If there is a desire to film inside of the security zone, a request must be sent to the Royal House's Communications Department.

Drone flights near horse-drawn carriage transport
In connection with horse-drawn carriage transport, there must be a distance of 100 meters. There can be no exception to this.

Drone flights near royal presence
If there is a desire for drones close to where royal personages are present, the drone must be at such a distance so that the noise is limited and the program is not disrupted.

As a starting point, inquiries about video recording or photography with a marketing or other commercial purpose are denied, as the Royal House and the Royal Family do not wish to enter into marketing relationships. Photos and videos must therefore not be used in advertising and other sales materials.