The Royal House of Denmark’s digital platforms

As an organization, the Royal House of Denmark has a website and profiles on the social media outlets Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Together, these make up the Royal House of Denmark’s digital media platforms, and here, special event days are marked and there is continuous narrative about the Royal House’s activities and the Royal Family’s duties and activities via text, photos and videos.

It is the Royal House of Denmark's Communications Department that manages the various platforms. The website provides the opportunity to get both a quick overview and in-depth history. On the website’s main page, news about the Royal Family’s activities is prioritized, and, for major events, it’s on the main page that guest lists, menus and musical programs are published first. In addition, all official program items can be accessed in the Royal House's calendar, which is updated continuously.

The Royal House of Denmark's social media follow the Royal Family's activities and are often updated several times daily.

Special historical days are celebrated, and in cooperation with the Royal Family there is an on-going focus on different themes and special moments. 

A portion of the content on the digital platforms is produced to be specially shared on the Royal House's media platforms. In these instances, the photos and videos will be tagged with the credit “Kongehuset ©”, and, therefore, a distinct request must be directed to the Royal House’s Communications Department if you want to publish the material on your own platforms. In certain cases, the material is exclusively on the Royal House’s digital platforms, and the request will be turned down. However, it is always allowed to mention the posting with a facsimile, just as it is possible to embed postings in web articles.

Other material on the Royal House's digital platforms is owned by the photographer or media outlet named. Therefore, permission must be obtained from the source concerned if you want to use the material.   

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