The Royal House of Denmark’s Communications Department

The Royal House of Denmark’s Communications Department handles communication of the Royal House’s activities, which involves everything from managing daily media inquiries to advising the royal family and taking care of the daily editorial work on the Royal House’s digital platforms.

Each day, the Court receives inquiries from Danish and foreign media. Inquiries that deal with communication as well as requests regarding photos, interviews and media productions are responded to and planned by the Royal House of Denmark’s Communications Department. 

Royal participation in large media productions, for example, interviews or TV recordings takes place in close cooperation with the Communications Department. The department is also often involved in documentary, book projects and podcasts etc. that have the purpose of portraying the everyday life of the royal family and the Court. In addition, the Communications Department continuously arranges new official portrait photographs of the members of the royal family, which are often issued in connection with birthdays or other special occasions.

In connection with, among other things, the royal family’s official trips, state visits and summer cruises, the Communications Department also participates in the program planning and preparation of the press program in cooperation with arrangers and hosts. For the the Royal House of Denmark's official arrangements and major public family events, it is the Communications Department that is in charge of working with the media.

The Royal House of Denmark's digital platforms
The Royal House of Denmark's Communications Department attends to idea development and the editorial work on the Royal House of Denmark's digital platforms, which includes the coverage of arrangements in which members of the royal family participate as well as the celebration of days of historical significance. This involves text production, videoing and photographing for the different platforms; or the Royal House of Denmark's profiles on the social media Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

The Communications Department is also responsible for the Court’s intranet as well as preparation of the annual report, which recounts the Royal House of Denmark's activities each year.


Press telephone
Tel.: +45 33 40 39 00

The Communications Department only accepts inquiries from the press and media. For questions of a different nature, please refer them to the Court’s telephone number: +45 33 40 10 10. 

Requests for interviews and general inquiries should be sent to this email address:

Director of Communications
Lene Balleby​

Head of The Private Royal Collection
Elisabeth von Buchwald

Communications Advisor
Frederik Nellemann Linde

Communications Advisor
Jacob Munkholm Hoeck

Communications Consultant
Lise Ann Knudsen

Press Secretary
Oliver Jøhnk Boel

Communications Consultant 
Simone Rendtorff Kaae

Communications Consultant
Tildde Sønder Vindfeldt 

Postal address

Inquiries sent by post should be addressed to:

Det Gule Palæ
Amaliegade 18
1256 København K
Att: Kommunikationsafdelingen