Media coverage at events attended by royalty

The Royal House of Denmark and hosts of external visits offer special coverage opportunities when royal personages are present at events. The opportunities vary and generally demand a request for media accreditation.

For external arrangements, it is the hosts that arrange media attendance in cooperation with the Royal House's Communications Department. The request for media participation is made to the arranger. At the Royal House's own arrangements, it is the Communications Department that hosts the media and organizes the media availabilities. For these events, media accreditation takes place via the Royal House's Communications Department.

The Royal Family takes part in several hundred official arrangements and visits each year. The events include, among other things, meetings at professional and industrial organizations, visits at companies and patronages, openings of exhibitions and other types of arrangements, anniversaries, grant and award presentations, audiences, councils of state and business and cultural promotional campaigns as well as reception of foreign heads of state and gala dinners.

Royal attendances and arrangements are published on the Royal House's website under “Official program”. As a starting point, media contact information and links to additional information are placed under each event. The program is updated every Thursday afternoon for 14 days at a time. State visits, official visits abroad, cruises on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog as well as selected arrangements and attendances are published earlier than 14 days prior and will appear on the calendar from the publication date.

Accreditation or registration
For official arrangements, the media will have to register or seek accreditation, as there can be limited space. Information about the media contacts for arrangements can be found in each event under the Royal House's official program.

Coverage opportunities for the media
As a general matter, there is media access to events attended by royal personages and published in the Royal House's calendar, unless the events involve closed meetings, receptions or visits with particularly vulnerable groups. In these cases, photos will often be made available to the media afterwards. The media’s coverage opportunities are organized in cooperation between the arranger and the Royal House's Communications Department, and efforts are made to give media the opportunity to cover the event in the best manner. For external arrangements, it is the arranger that sends out the media invitation and information about the meeting place and time to the registered or accredited members of the media prior to the arrangement.

Official program

In the royal calendar, you can see detailed information about arrangements, attendances and visits, including addresses and the media contact for the host organization.  

Members of the media who wish to cover official calendar activities must send a request to the media contact named under the event.