HM The Queen to visit Rome

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Danish Institute’s building in Rome and archaeological excavations at the ancient Forum Romanum are on the programme when Her Majesty The Queen visits Rome 26-29 October.

Photo: Allan Moe, Scanpix ©

In Fall 2017, The Danish Institute in Rome begins an excavation project at Caesar’s Forum in the north-eastern corner of Forum Romanum. The excavation, which is made possible by a donation from the Carlsberg Foundation, will be one of the most prestigious excavations that Danish archaeologists have helped to carry out. During the visit, The Queen will get a presentation of the project, which is expected to last for three years. The excavation begins at the same time The Danish Institute of Science and Art in Rome celebrates the 50th anniversary of Kay Fisker’s iconic building, which houses the institute. In her role as patron, The Queen will participate in the celebration and present Queen Margrethe’s Rome Prize. The Carlsberg Foundation established the prize in 2015 in connection with The Queen’s 75th birthday. The prize is awarded to strengthen and honour the research carried out by or in connection with The Danish Institute in Rome.

During her visit in Rome, The Queen will be received by the Italian president Sergio Mattarella as a guest at a luncheon at the presidential palace, Palazzo del Quirinale. In addition to that, The Queen will visit selected landmarks in Rome, among others the ruins of Emperor Nero’s palace, Domus Aurea.    

The Queen will also return to the ancient province Etruria to visit the city Tarquinia, which has been added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. As a young Princess in the late 1950s, The Queen went on excavation trips in the area with her grandfather, King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden. Together, The King and The Princess shared an interest in archaeology, and, during the visit in October, The Queen will get a closer look at finds from older and more recent excavations.