HRH Prince Joachim recovering

His Royal Highness Prince Joachim underwent an operation for a blood clot in the brain in the early morning hours of Saturday, 25 July at University Hospital in Toulouse, France. After the recent days of hospitalization and treatment in the intensive care unit, it is the doctors’ assessment that Prince Joachim will not have any physical effects or other injuries as a result of the blood clot.

The blood clot in the brain was due to a sudden dissection of an artery, and the hospital’s medical team assesses that the risk of recurrence is very small when the artery has healed. Prince Joachim is expected to be moved out of the intensive care unit as soon as possible but will continue to be hospitalized for some time to come. It is still the royal family’s hope that the media will comply with the wish for calm and respect for privacy.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie would like to express thanks for the support and the many warm greetings they have received over the past few days. It means a great deal. Her Majesty The Queen also expresses warm thanks for all of the sympathy that has been shown to the royal family.