HRH Princess Isabella gets a monogram

On the occasion of HRH Princess Isabella’s 10th birthday on 21 April 2017, a royal monogram has been drawn up for the Princess.

Princess Isabella’s monogram consists of the Princess’s initial “I”, which is asymmetrically structured, and, as with other royal monograms, Christian V’s crown is placed over it.

The monogram was designed by graphic designer Charlotte Søeborg Ohlsen with artistic assistance from lecturer Steen Ejlers.

Royal monograms
There is a long tradition of royal monograms in Denmark. The monogram is a mark of identity which can have both a functional and a decorative use. The monarch’s monogram is official while monograms for the other members of the Royal House are private in character.

The monogram can be used as a personal mark in a wide range of areas where an identity should be highlighted. It can be used on objects, gifts, letter-writing paper, jewellery and many other things.  A royal monogram consists of an initial or a double initial under the royal crown.