HRH The Crown Princess at Harvard

In her capacity as a Young Global Leader, HRH The Crown Princess attended the course ‘Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century’ at Harvard University in Boston from 29 March - 8 April 2016.

Photo: Harvard University ©

The course ‘Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century’ is offered by the Harvard Kennedy School and has been developed in cooperation with the World Economic Forum. The course is targeted to members of the community known as Young Global Leaders.

In 2012, The Crown Princess was named a Young Global Leader and thereby entered into the worldwide community of top young leaders. The designation as a Young Global Leader came about on the basis of The Crown Princess’s work within the social sphere, including the establishment of The Mary Foundation.

Since 2004, The Young Global Leaders Forum has singled out the world’s foremost young leaders with a view to creating a unique network of people who can contribute to solving some of globe’s humanitarian challenges. The Forum of Young Global Leaders is administered by the World Economic Forum, which among other things is known for the annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland, where leaders from all over the world discuss the world’s challenges, such as social challenges, diversity, tolerance and inclusion.