New Chief of HM The Queen’s Military Household

Effective 1 October 2021, Colonel, Chamberlain Jens Ole Rossen-Jørgensen becomes Chief of Her Majesty The Queen’s Military Household. Jens Ole Rossen-Jørgensen assumes the position of Chief of the Military Household in succession to Colonel, Chamberlain Lasse Harkjær, who takes over as the Royal Danish House’s Master of Ceremonies on 1 July 2021.  

Jens Ole Rossen-Jørgensen comes from a position as Chief of the Guard Hussar Regiment, where he has been Chief since August 2016. Previously, Rossen-Jørgensen was, among other things, defence attaché in Paris as well as Battalion Chief of the Royal Life Guard. In addition, there have been several overseas postings and a wide variety of service in Denmark and abroad. 

Her Majesty The Queen’s Military Household constitutes the formal link between The Queen, the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces.  The Military Household, which is based at Christiansborg Palace, is an independent authority under the Ministry of Defence that is part of Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Household.