Opening of the exhibition “Mary and the Crown Princesses”

Tomorrow, HRH The Crown Princess opens the special exhibition “Mary and the Crown Princesses” at Koldinghus. The exhibition comes about in connection with the 50th birthday of The Crown Princess and paints a portrait of the current crown princess and her four latest predecessors.

In the exhibition, The Crown Princess will guide the visitors on an exploration of the history of her predecessors and the Glücksborg dynasty. In addition to The Crown Princess, the principal figures are Christian IX's wife, Princess Louise, as well as the crown princesses Lovisa, Alexandrine and Ingrid, who all four were married into the Glücksborg family and eventually became queens of Denmark.

In the exhibition, The Crown Princess reflects on and puts into words what Her Royal Highness can recognize in the future queens of the past, as well as what she finds admirable or inspiring about them. Among other things, The Crown Princess says:

As a crown princess, you are confronted with the challenge of having to assume a very central position in a foreign country. You must master a new language and a new culture, while many eyes are watching you – and there is a strong feeling that there is much to live up to. But, also great opportunities to shape your own role.”

The exhibition contains a number of objects, each of which especially tells its part of the story of The Crown Princess and her predecessors. A selection of them includes the following: