Program for visit in Iceland

The transition to sustainable energy solutions is the focal point when HRH The Crown Prince leads a Danish business promotional campaign in Iceland the days of 12-13 October 2021. Foreign affairs minister Jeppe Kofoed also takes part in the visit.

Photo: Michaela Rehle, Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix ©

Together with a delegation of Danish companies and organizations, The Crown Prince will visit the Icelandic capital Reykjavik in mid-October. The purpose of the visit is to strengthen Denmark’s commercial cooperation on green solutions with Iceland.

In November of last year, The Crown Prince Couple were supposed to have led a large Danish business delegation in The Netherlands. But, as a consequence of Covid-19, the visit was first postponed and subsequently carried out digitally. Thus, the visit in Iceland is The Crown Prince’s first physical business promotional campaign since The Crown Prince Couple visited France back in October 2019. The objective of a business promotional campaign is to strengthen relations between Denmark and the countries visited and to support the growth and position of Danish companies in the relevant markets.


Tuesday, 12 October

Official welcome at the presidential residence Bessastadir

The Crown Prince arrives at the presidential residence Bessastadir and is officially welcomed by Iceland’s President, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson. During the visit, His Royal Highness participates in the President and First Lady’s welcome dinner, which will include, among others, foreign affairs minister Jeppe Kofod and Denmark’s ambassador to Iceland Kirsten Geelan as well as Iceland’s foreign affairs minister Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson, minister of tourism, industry and innovation Þórdís Gylfadóttir and minister for environment and natural resources Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson. In connection with the dinner, Iceland’s president will deliver a welcome speech.

Wednesday, 13 October

Opening ceremony at Gróska Business Growth Centre

The business promotional campaign begins with an official opening ceremony at Gróska Business Growth Centre, and The Crown Prince will deliver a speech, among other things. Afterwards, His Royal Highness begins the promotional campaign by greeting representatives from the Danish business delegation who have set up positions in one of the business park’s rooms.

Presentation by the organization Green by Iceland

The Crown Prince takes part in a presentation by the organization Green by Iceland, which exhibits in the Gróska Business Growth Centre. Green by Island is an organization which works to make sure that the business community and the Icelandic government achieve the country’s goal of CO2-neutrality by 2040.

At the exhibition, Green by Iceland director Eggert Gudmundsson welcomes a conversation about the status of the green transition in Iceland, and how the organization Green by Iceland came about due to inspiration from Denmark.

Tour at the utility company Reykjavik Energy

The Crown Prince is welcomed by the chairman of the board for Reykjavik Energy, Brynhildur Davidsdóttir, and receives a presentation about the companies CarbFix and ON Power. Afterwards, His Royal Highness is led on a tour of the area by CarbFix CEO Edda Aradóttir.

Panel debate with Danish and Icelandic companies

After the tour, The Crown Prince attends a panel debate about PtX solutions, which will deal with utilizing Denmark’s renewable energy in the green transition. The panel debate includes the participation of Danish and Icelandic companies, and the moderator is executive director Finn Mortensen from the organization State of Green Denmark, of which His Royal Highness is the patron. The arrangement takes place at Reykjavik Energy.

Display of Carbon Capture exhibition

The Crown Prince will get a presentation of the Carbon Capture exhibition, which displays the company CarbFix’s work with transforming CO2 to stone underground, and about the collaboration with Danish companies.

CarbFix began as a project back in 2006 and was formally established as a collaboration between Reykjavik Energy, the University of Iceland, The French National Centre for Scientific Research and The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Climate meeting at the Ministry of Industries and Innovation

The Crown Prince takes part in a meeting about public-private partnerships in the energy sector hosted by Iceland’s minister of tourism, industry and innovation Þórdís Gylfadóttir and minister for environment and natural resources Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson. His Royal Highness attends the ministers’ presentation about Iceland’s priorities regarding climate and the interaction with the private sector in the auditorium of the Ministry of Industries and Innovation.

Tour of patrol vessel at the Arctic Command

In Reykjavik’s harbor sits one of the Arctic Command’s patrol vessels, on which The Crown Prince participates in a tour led by commanding officer Niels Pind and captain Gorm Bergqvist. During the tour, His Royal Highness gets a briefing about the Arctic Command’s mission execution in the Arctic and North Atlantic, the cooperation with Iceland and the Defence’s sustainability initiatives under the banner “Green Defence”.

Reception at Denmark’s embassy in Reykjavik

The visit in Iceland concludes with a reception at Denmark’s embassy in Reykjavik, hosted by ambassador Kirsten Geelan. Participants include The Crown Prince, the Icelandic President and First Lady, the foreign affairs ministers of Denmark and Iceland and others.