The Royal Danish House’s annual report 2020

Today, the annual report about the Royal Danish House’s activities in 2020 is published.

The year in the Royal Danish House was strongly marked by the coronavirus crisis. Among other things, this meant the cancellation or postponement of major events such as Her Majesty The Queen’s 80th birthday, the royal family’s participation in the celebration of the centenary of the Reunification, summer cruises aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, Royal Run, and His Royal Highness Prince Christian’s confirmation.

In addition, the royal family’s official arrangements and other activities had to be adapted to the new reality with the holding of virtual meetings and events.

During the year, The Queen and the royal family became involved in Denmark’s handling of the crisis on various occasions, including Her Majesty’s extraordinary speech to the Danish people on 17 March. At the same time, the Royal Danish House broke new ground in marking events such as The Queen’s birthday, for which large parts of the celebration took place digitally.  

The Royal Danish House’s annual report 2020 consists of – in addition to the narrative and an overview of the royal family’s official program – the annual accounts for the Royal Civil List and for His Royal Highness The Crown Prince’s annuity.

The balance sheet for the Civil List in 2020 showed a surplus of approximately 2.1 million DKK. The year’s result reflects that the coronavirus crisis brought about a number of savings as a consequence of the lower level of activity.

Link to the annual report about the Royal Danish House’s activities 2020.