The Royal Danish House’s new Master of Ceremonies

Her Majesty The Queen has appointed Chief of Her Majesty The Queen’s Military Household, Colonel, Chamberlain Lasse Harkjær as Master of Ceremonies in the Royal Danish House, effective 1 July 2021. Lasse Harkjær assumes the position following Kim Kristensen, who took over as Lord Chamberlain on 1 April.

Lasse Harkjær began his career in the Defence 44 years ago in the regiment known as Bornholms Værn and served afterwards in the Royal Life Guard. Since then, Lasse Harkjær has served in the Defence Command and the Ministry of Defence on several occasions, and he was also the first Danish chief of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. In 2005, Lasse Harkjær became Chief of the Royal Life Guard until he, in 2013, assumed the position as Chief of Her Majesty The Queen’s Military Household, which constitutes the formal link between The Queen, the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces.