TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are moving to Washington, D.C.

Photo: Steen Brogaard, Kongehuset ©

On 1 September 2023, His Royal Highness Prince Joachim begins a new position under the Ministry of Defence as defence industry attaché at the Embassy of Denmark in Washington, D.C., where The Prince, as Denmark’s representative, will take part in strengthening the defence industrial cooperation with the USA and Canada in the coming years.

Four years ago, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, together with the couple’s two children, moved to France. The reason was that Prince Joachim began France’s highest-ranking military education course as a supplement to The Prince’s longtime engagement in The Defence. After the education concluded, both The Prince and The Princess were affiliated with the Embassy of Denmark in Paris as defence attaché and Special Cultural Representative, respectively.

Prince Joachim and the family will move to Washington, D.C. during the summer of 2023.