Press release: Changes in The Royal House of Denmark's leadership

Photo: Kongehuset ©

In connection with the accession of the new king on 14 January 2024, a number of changes in the leadership of The Royal House of Denmark will be made.

The current Chief of the Court of TRH The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess, Christian Schønau, assumes the position of Lord Chamberlain of The Royal House of Denmark on 14 January. Christian Schønau, who has a master of law degree, has been Chief of Court since 2010. Before his career in The Royal House of Denmark, the new Lord Chamberlain was a department chief in the Ministry of the Interior and Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs, among other things.

Christian Schønau takes over the position from Kim Kristensen, who has served as Lord Chamberlain since 2021. Before that, Kim Kristensen was The Royal House of Denmark’s Master of Ceremonies from 2012. Kim Kristensen will continue in a position as Chief of Court of the newly established Court of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. 

At the same time, Cabinet Secretary Henning Fode is leaving after 16 years of service. Her Majesty The Queen expresses her warmest appreciation for Henning Fode’s attention to his work as Cabinet Secretary. The position of cabinet secretary will not be filled again, and the cabinet secretary’s duties will henceforth be carried out by the Lord Chamberlain.

The Royal House of Denmark’s Master of Ceremonies, Lasse Harkjær, will leave his current position on March 1st to begin as Chief of Staff in the Court of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. From March 1st the new Master of Ceremonies will be Commodore Anders Friis. Anders Friis comes from a command position in the Defence Command.


Lene Balleby
Director of Communications