Connection with The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment

Photo: The Princess Of Wales Royal Regiment ©

Since the Danish Prince Jørgen, who was married to Queen Anne of Great Britain, was appointed as an honorary Colonel-in-chief of the 3rd Regiment of Foot in 1689 (a few years before his wife’s accession to the throne), a special relationship has existed for long periods between the members of The Royal House of Denmark and various military units in the British defence. 

Continuously since 1906, when Edward the 7th, who was married to the Danish-born Queen Alexandra, appointed his brother-in-law Frederik the 8th as honorary Colonel-in-chief of the East Kent Regiment (The Buffs), this relationship has been passed on to the sitting Danish monarch at the time. Thus, upon the accession to the throne in 1972, Her Majesty The Queen was appointed as Allied Colonel-in-Chief of The Queen’s Regiment, which The Buffs had become part of at that time; a function bestowed upon The Queen after the death of her father, Frederik the 9th.

The Queen has had a close relationship with her British regiment throughout her reign, and Her Majesty has participated in visits, parades and the consecration of colours for various battalions over the years. In 1992, The Queen’s Regiment became a part of the then newly formed Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, which had as its Colonel-in-Chief Diana, Princess of Wales, whose title the regiment was named after. Her Majesty continued her relationship as Allied Colonel-in-Chief of the new regiment at that time.

After the divorce of Diana, Princess of Wales, her performance of duties within the framework of the British royal house ended, and Her Majesty The Queen was appointed as Colonel-in-Chief, or Commander-in-Chief, of the regiment in 1997.  This is a quite special mark of honour and appreciation, considering that it is only The Queen of Denmark and His Majesty The King of Jordan (for the Light Dragoons), who, as foreign heads of state, are Colonels-in-Chief, while this role in all other British regiments is performed by members of the British royal house.

On Saturday, 22 April 2023, His Royal Highness The Crown Prince – on behalf of The Queen – will present new colours to the regiment’s fourth battalion. The flag presentation ceremony takes place in London at the Royal Artillery Barracks.