The Royal House of Denmark launches new website

A short while ago, the Royal House of Denmark’s new website was launched. The new website, which is still found at, offers an updated and more user-friendly design through which the Royal Family’s many duties and activities will continue to be related on an ongoing basis via texts, photos and videos. The website provides the opportunity to get both a quick overview and in-depth historical information. And, for the major events in the Royal House of Denmark, it is also on the website that, for example, guest lists and menus will be published first. In addition, it will be possible to access all of the official events in the Royal House of Denmark’s calendar, which can be found on the website’s front page.

The Royal House of Denmark got its first official website back in the 1990s. Since then, the website has been changed four times, most recently in 2016, and, as an organization, the Royal House of Denmark now also has profiles on the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The new website offers a number of new features: 

  • Media bank for the news media

On the Royal House of Denmark’s new media page, which among other things contains information about interviews, media productions and photo shoots and video recordings, a media bank has been developed. From the media bank it is possible to download press photos in a new and more user-friendly way. In addition, the media bank has new photos of the Royal House of Denmark’s management available for downloading.

  • Digital photograph database from HM The Queen’s Reference Library, The Royal Danish Collection

The new digital database “The Royal Photographs Collection” provides access to, at present, approximately 10,000 photos from HM The Queen’s Reference Library. The pictures include both photos purchased or given to members of the Royal Family through the years as well as private photographs and photograph albums containing pictures often taken by royal family members themselves. In addition to that, “The Royal Photographs Collection” represents a wide sample of photographic motifs: from palace interiors and furniture to landscapes and townscapes to horses, uniforms, exhibitions and so on. The number of accessible photographs will increase as the photos in the collection are scanned and registered. It is possible to download and use photos from the database free of charge, as long as you credit “The Royal Photographs Collection, The Royal Danish Collection”.

  • New subpage about HM The Queen’s artistic work

On the new website, a new subpage about The Queen’s artistic work can be found. There, it is possible to delve into The Queen’s various artistic fields and, among other things, explore Her Majesty’s visual art, embroidery, church textiles, and scenography and costume design.

The Royal House of Denmark wishes everyone to have the pleasure of visiting the new