The Royal Flags

The Royal Flags are the swallow-tailed Dannebrog with special insignias in the middle.

The Royal House of Denmark makes use of a number of special flags, which all have in common Dannebrog in the form of a swallow-tail flag with special symbols in the midsection. The Royal Flags indicate whether members of the Royal Family are residing at a specific locality, or that a royal person is on board, as far as the Navy or Air Force are concerned. If the regent’s flag is raised, it indicates that HM The King and HRH The Crown Prince are both outside of the realm, and that a regent is therefore presiding.

The Royal Flags are also used on the vehicles for official occasions, when they similarly indicate which members of the Royal Family are being transported in the vehicles.

Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen, Ritzau Scanpix ©
The Rolls-Royce, called Big Crown, with a flag. Photo: Kongehuset ©