H.M. Dronningens tale ved åbningen af erhvervskonferencen i Berlin

Hendes Majestæt Dronningens tale ved åbningen af erhvervskonferencen den 11. november 2021 i Berlin i anledning af statsbesøg i Forbundsrepublikken Tyskland.

The Crown Prince and I are delighted to be here in Berlin today for the opening of this important trade conference, which represents a milestone in our aspiring partnership within the areas of sustainable energy, food, and health.

Last year, we celebrated the Cultural Year of Friendship between Germany and Denmark. In March this year, the German-Danish Declaration of Friendship was signed and in June President Steinmeier was present in Southern Jutland to celebrate the peaceful and democratic demarcation of the border between our two countries one hundred years ago.

Germany is our neighbour and our most important partner in trade. We share deep commercial, cultural and historic ties and it is my hope that this visit will strengthen our ties even further.

This conference is a very important part of our visit in Germany. Here, the Danish business community will have the opportunity to present itself and at the same time to be inspired by our business collaborators here in Germany.

I take great pleasure in opening this trade conference which will pave the way to furthering mutual business cooperation in the future.

I wish you all a successful and enriching conference.