H.K.H. Kronprinsessens tale ved Provinciehuis Zuid-Holland den 20. juni 2022

Offentliggjort den 20. juni 2022.

Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Provincie Zuid-Holland has been a source of inspiration for Denmark for centuries. In 1887, the acclaimed Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi went to Delft to seek inspiration from his idol, the world-famous painter Johannes Vermeer. A trip that would lay the grounds for some of Hammershøi’s most admired paintings.

The inspiration continues today. More than 100 years later, the Netherlands and Denmark continue to be a source of inspiration for each other. For example, our mutual focus on the ambitious climate goals of our two countries.

Today’s discussion on decarbonisation pathways for the built environment bears witness to that. Few topics are more important today than to minimise the impact of a dramatically changing climate.

As I understand, around 5% of the building stock is heated by district heating systems in the Netherlands. In Denmark, the figure is 65%. By 2030, the share in Denmark will rise to approximately 70%, while in the Netherlands the share is expected to grow to 25%.

Danish experiences and know-how when it comes to a district heating networks and our long tradition for energy efficiency in houses offer a good platform to build from. At the same time, the Netherlands is a frontrunner in the field of future heating sources such as geothermal and aqua thermal energy as well as energy neutral homes.

To effectively decarbonise the built environment and meet our ambitious climate goals, we must draw on each other’s experiences. We must go beyond borders to learn from each other – just like Vilhelm Hammershøi travelled to Delft to draw inspiration and improve techniques based on Vermeer’s experience.

As decisionmakers that are present here today, you play a crucial role in setting the agenda, inspiring others to follow, and ensuring that leadership decisions are followed through within your organisations and institutions. You have a responsibility to be part of shaping the future – and that future starts now by sharing knowledge, experiences and by forging new partnerships.

This roundtable, here in Provincie Zuid-Holland, offers the opportunity for the valuable exchange of views and knowledge on how we shape the future for the people, planet and prosperity.

Thank you.


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